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Victorian Artists Society

Student and Teacher Exhibition 2018
Thursday 26th July to Tuesday 7th August
Frater and McCubbin Galleries
430 Albert Street, East Mebourne

Gingko Leaves in Time
This is a pencil drawing developed in Linda Weil's Masterful Drawing Classes. The work depicts the relationships between three phases of the existence of the gingko tree as shown by it leaves. The rock background is covered by ancient fossil impressions of the leaves (once very common in cretaceous times about 65million years ago) in a shale, overshadowed by modern leaves representing the cycle of life from fresh green leaves in the spring rains to yellow and dying as winter rains approach.

Coloured Pencil (Inktense, Derwent Artist & Polychromos) on Canson Mi-Teintes TEX Sanded Paper 40 by 24cm
Into Art
The Journey towards a #MCEsherIspired #MirrorStyle #Selfie Triptych

This series is actually composed of 5 photographs some as blended layers, plus 3 others reimagined by Artificial Intelligent Networks looking for Escher woodcut styling (via Googles Deep dream generator). Looking at the triptych, we move from a single portrait of a phone, but masquerading as a pre-smartphone self-portrait in mirror-image (which is how we usually saw our self-image before social media and smart phones). Then through the strange loop view of looking deep into a reflective virtual sphere, that I appear to be holding, to see my image again but now morphing into an artist’s marks and line work and back into a  conventional Instagram era selfie. Or is it?

Hints for the confused :: No filters where harmed (or even used) in the creation of these images,
They are about self-reference and paying homage to the wonderful vision of MC Escher.

Monash Creative Spaces Exhibition

Photos from "Photography with an Artist Eye" PhotoWalkers

On display in

The Reading Room

Glen Waverley Library

112 Kingsway

Until End of August 2018


For more details about these free & fun PhotoWalks.

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