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Workshop :: Digital Photography for Artists

This workshop is intended to be run in conjunction with artist in residence programs. It is not about making you a world class photographer (there are already plenty of them, many self-appointed), it is about making sure you know enough and gain the basics skills to have fun with your camera (or cameraphone) and use photography as a tool to support and perhaps enhance your art. There are 4 components.
1. Camera Basics
    • Start with that green square (auto)
    • Exposure basics (F-stop, Speed, ISO)
    • Focus, Bokeh & Depth of Field
    • Some basic photo edit skills (Exposure, Tonal Enhancements ,Straighten & Crop)
2. Building a Reference Photo Collection
    • Where to start, store and use your photos
    • Always start with a sketch (snapshot), then take 5
    • The 50% rule, make that 10
    • Hardcopy, Computer or On-line?
    • Using Albums and Organize as you go
      • Consider making photobooks
3. Your Provenance Diary
    • Photographing your art
      • Lighting
      • Avoid common pitfalls (reflection of glass, colour calibration)
      • Only the best (tidying up and making it pop)
    • Photographing and sharing works in progress
      • Social media (ways to share your work)
      • Portfolios of your work (Websites vs Physicals)
      • Establishing your Legacy
4. Expanding your Vision
    • Entering the world of digital post processing
      • Are the RAW formats for you?
      • Image manipulation (layers, masking and avoiding the “photshopping” look)
      • Adding flourish (colour grading, gradient, filters, pre-sets)
      • Composities, Montage & Collage
    • Finding Your Style
I offer this workshop in three format. to suit time and ammenities available. If more than 10 participants are desired I will need assistance with option 2 & 3.
  1. A two hour presentation style which run through the key components of each topic.
  2. A full day workshop with practical sessions, which expands on the topics as well as having example exercises to work through.
  3. A two day workshop, expanding further on the topics and including a photowalk to collect photo reference (should be based around a local place of interest) and then the group collaboration on the preparation of a photobook to record that photo walk and also act as perfect photo reference.

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