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Jells Park PhotoWalks
Photography with an Artist's Eyes
This is a series about Seeing

Norm is holding 5 FREE Photowalks  (4 in Jells Park, Wheelers Hill and the last in the Alfred Nichols Garden, Sassafras). The themes and photographic exercises will be loosely based on Freeman Patterson’s “Photography and the Art of Seeing”, Carl Purcell’s “Artist Brain” with a little of Max Meldrum’s “The Science of Appearance” plus some stuff from my blog posts.

See the Flickr Group JPPhotoWalk for more details and progress.

The Photowalks are totally free but please register via Eventbrite to ensure a place

A Sense of the Place
17/9/2017 2:00pm :: Meetup in front of Madeline's Cafe

This photo walk is about a gentle introduction into how artist might use intense observation and how that might help take better photographs that may capture the essence of a place.

Seeing by Chance
22/10/2017 2:00pm :: Meetup in front of Madeline's

This photowalk was based around a couple of Freeman Paterson’s favourite fun challenges, seeing sideways & the opportunity to break some established Photographic Rules.

Seeing in Detail
25/2/2018 7:00pm :: Meetup at the Oak's Playground

The objective today is a little bit counter intuitive, it is finding out what interests you and how you might best portray it for others to enjoy. Freeman Patterson refers to this skill as “”Relaxed Attentiveness”. This photowalk is much later to hopefully experience the wonderful light of the golden hour, to heighten our observation of what we find interesting. Later afternoon and evening is also a great time to observe the bird life in the park and around the lake.
So keen bird photographers bring along your long lens.

Please register via Eventbrite to ensure a place

Seeing in Tones
26/11/2017 2:00pm  :: Meetup at Oak's Playground

This photowalk will focus on seeing the balance of light and dark values before taking a photo. There will be a quick demo of creating tonal composition (or Notan Sketch). You will be encouraged to make a 3 or 5 value sketch of a simple scene yourself and learn a couple of tricks to better see and appreciate how important tone is for understanding shapes, space and composition

The emphasis is on “seeing, in the finest and broadest sense, means using your senses, your intellect, and your emotions”  ...(Freeman Patterson)

You are encouraged to bring a small note or sketch book to all PhotoWalks (A5 size of smaller, something that is easy to carry probably in your camera bag). Drawing, even crudely, is a gateway to better seeing.

The photographic challenges will be rewarding and you will enjoy the fun with a friendly group of photographers.

Seeing Colour
6/5/2018 2:00pm :: Meetup at Alfred Nichols Garden, Sassafras

This is where artist and photographer’s beliefs and approaches can be widely different, Beginning with a very simple overview of colour theory and the difference between absolute (the colour thing itself) and relative colour (impact of surrounding colours), You should select a colour you like then explore with photo design and composition based around that colour and its emotional impact on you

Please register via Eventbrite to ensure a place

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