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Artists Residenices
(Following The Australian Sun)

Last year I undertook an art project about visiting iconic landscapes of Australia during their sunniest periods. It was a interesting year, lots of travel but I didn't get much time to create finished works or follow new themes and ideas. It also used up my budget, so I am looking for Artist Residencies where I get the time and perhaps resources to follow up some key themes.

1. Our Precious Coast, I became increasingly aware that the coast and particulary beaches are very much the.sancutary for many modern australian, particularly my generation, it is our "spiritual songline" the places where we can connect with our true selves, our friends, family and nature.
2. The Colours of an Australian Endless Summer. Covering both capturing colour in photography and extensions to an artist palette. Discussing methodology and materail with visual examples.

At the moment these projects look like being books and/or exhibitions. I am be looking for sponsorship or assistance to print one or both books as limited editions. Also galleries willing to support such exhibitions.

In seeking Artist Residency Opportunities, I can offer a Workshop and /or Inspirational Sketch/PhotoWalk to the associated art groups or communities.

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