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Welcome and please look around, the works are organised into sub-galleries by theme. They are only displayed as thumbnails, as I have avoided making higher resolutions images available publically as a precaution against theft. I do however understand that you may wish to see more detail before you buy or rent, so feel free to email a request a higher resolution version or oganise to view the original. The works included here represent only my art work currently available for Purchase (price listed does not include shipping) or Rental.

An on-line cloud gallery for just my work has been a sub-project of mine for a long time. Many social web services promised such things or even greater wonders but none seem to deliver what I wanted. So I had to created one of my own. It doesn't yet have any built in web store features like a shopping cart but you are welcome to email me directly. Expect to see a few changes over the coming months.

Please Email any Enquiries

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