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Das Vagues, The Waves, is an ongoing project inspired by water and waves, and probably the simplest example of the tipping point, that mathematical bit of fold chaos known as the cusp catastrophe.

V = x4 + ax2 + bx

Echo of a Bigger Wave
This acrylic “paintings” on canvas board, has been made by small stamps moulded from heshan. bamboo textures & simple object including small wooden strip objects rather than brushes. It pay homage to Japanese woodcut prints, such as the The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai.

46cm by 61cm


Wave Diptych
This was created using a combination of acrylic paint, simple stencils and handmade moulded stamps based on common everyday textures.

Acrylic on Canvas (two panels)
150cm by 60cm

Price : AUD 300

Pastel Sketch of Wave
Sketched with pastels en plein air on a coloured primed board.

Pastel on Acryclic Primed Board  
50cm by 30cm

Price : AUD 150

On Loan

Watercolour Wave

Watercolour on Paper
50cm by 40cm

Price : AUD 200

On Loan

Das Vagues
Whimsical Sculptural Piece based on a breaking wave shape

Framed Sculptural Piece
50cm by 30cm

Price : AUD 150

On Loan

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