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Retracing Darwin


To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s The Origin Of Species, I followed the trip Darwin undertook in 1836 from Sydney to Bathurst through the Blue Mountains. I held an exhibition of Photography, Paintings and Rock Art is inspired by what Darwin saw, at the Geko gallery In Fish Creek in 2010. This items are updates and new works following on from that trip and a visit to Downe House in Kent in 2011

Sketch of Three Sisters in Dust Storm
Original En Plein Air watercolour sketch

Watercolour Sketch on Paper
31cm x 26cm

Price : AUD $75


Compositional Sketch for Three Sisters in Dust Storm
As inspired by David Hockney's Bigger Grand Canyon at Natinal Galley Canberra

Sketch on Board
33cm x 24cm
Price : AUD $75


Three Sisters in Dust Storm
Double Triptych inspired by David Hockney's Bigger Grand Canyon at Natinal Galley Canberra.
This multi panel print/painting was made using small stamps, moulded from everyday textures rather than brushes. It depicts a dust storm I experienced in 2009. Charles Darwin describe being enveloped in a similar dust storm on his way to Bathurst in 1836.

Acrylic on canvas (6 panels)
cm x 120cm

Price : AUD $600

Tree of Life
This is Charles Darwin's famous sketch from one of his notebooks,  around 1837, showing his first ideas of the tree of life, to explain the origin of species.

Is it a ancient truth, that needs to be etched in stone or a work of art to be framed?

on Canvas
1cm x 76cm

Price : AUD $200

On Loan

Dozen Photo Egg Collages
These are a small fun thing I do for all my exhibitions and each print is unique (only one copy is even made). They are generaly based around images or themes from my echibitions and I only intend to do a gross (144) in total.

These three illustrate some aspects of my journey following Darwin's.

Photo Collage in Mattes
35.5cm by 28cm

Price : AUD

* Always at the same discount price.

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